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十年前,《看見台灣》上映,  從齊柏林導演的視角,您看見了什麼?是巍然聳立的峻嶺大山,婆娑閃耀的海洋?還是破碎崩塌的邊坡危崖,汙濁泥濘的長河野溪?齊柏林導演記錄下台灣土地的美麗,也保存那因破壞而改變的剎那。


十年後,台灣的地貌依然在發生改變, 有著因積極作為而復育成功,也有因消極怠惰而每況愈下。然而改變最多的,應該是人的心吧!當年 《看見台灣》 中的影像,  讓許多人對環境保育有了意識,進而影響政府決策,人們意識到自己有責任,也有能力,去守護自己的家園。


電影中震懾人心的影像,在展覽中,以更細緻的觀照,來看見每一幀影像背後反映的故事,透過影像,讓土地河山與您對話。無論十年前,還是十年後,  在齊柏林導演鏡頭下,寶島依然熠熠生輝,也依然讓人憂心不捨。 唯有持續地看見,才能不斷改變,起於人心,終於土地,一份溫柔而堅定的力量!


After Seeing Above Taiwan

A decade ago, Beyond Beauty – TAIWAN FROM ABOVE came to the cinema. What have you seen from Chi Po-Lin’s perspective? Is it the majestic, sublime mountains and the ocean with dancing glimmers? Is it the collapsing slopes, perilous cliffs, or the muddy, turbid rivers in the wilderness? While recording the beauty of Taiwan, Chi also preserved the changing moments of environmental destruction.


A decade later, the landscape of Taiwan is still changing. Some have been successfully restored with active initiatives. Some have worsened due to passivity and laziness. However, what has changed the most is probably people’s minds! A decade ago, the images in Beyond Beauty – TAIWAN FROM ABOVE planted the seed of environmental awareness protection in people’s minds and further influenced the government’s policymaking. People were awakened to their responsibilities and abilities to guard their homes.


The breathtaking images in the film are presented more thoroughly to convey the story behind each image. Through these images, audiences can dialogue with the earth, rivers, and mountains. Although a decade has passed, this precious island still shines brilliantly through Chi’s lens, but our worries and sadness still linger as well. Only through continuous seeing can changes be sustained. Such changes begin within ourselves and are realized on the earth—it is a gentle but resolute power. 

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