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Reflection of Rivers

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Reflection of Rivers
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然而,河流潤物,卻非無聲,每當豪雨驟臨,便化身滾滾洪流,夾帶土石摧毀良田民宅。齊柏林導演紀錄的河川有如明鏡,  讓我們看見土地故事的真相。這裡是台灣,有河之地,映照無所不在!

“I have seen rivers in all the colors you have seen on a color palette.” —Chi Po-Lin

Rivers are the most truthful mirror for this island. They reflect the beauty and mercilessness of nature and people’s kindness and cruelty. From the high mountains, rivers have carved out the folds of time amongst the peaks of rolling mountains, meandering through the face of the island and flowing into the ocean while nurturing fields, fish farms, settlements, and cities along their courses.


However, despite their quiet nurturance, rivers are not always silent. Whenever there is heavy rainfall, they become torrential currents, carrying gravel and flooding fields and houses. In Chi Po-Lin’s documentation, rivers are like bright mirrors that show us the truth about this land. Meet Taiwan, where the reflection of rivers can be found everywhere.

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