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The Chi Po-Lin Foundation

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The Chi Po-Lin Foundation
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看見台灣   守護家園




齊柏林導演以守護環境為志業,用自己的生命熱情記錄台灣的美麗與哀愁,  喚起大眾環境保護的行動與堅持。「看見・齊柏林基金會」的成立,是齊柏林精神與理念的浴火重生,肩負起齊柏林記錄台灣環境的志業,以影像推動環境教育,並支持及培育更多年輕世代環境記錄者,為下個世代注入齊導的高度和視野,傳承環境永續的種子,創造改變環境的力量。




「看見台灣,守護家園」需要大家的認同與支持,「看見・齊柏林基金會」衷心期盼更多的朋友們加入我們的行列、  贊助我們的計劃,讓齊柏林導演一生堅持的夢想,能夠繼續展翅、繼續飛翔。



Discovering Taiwan, Safeguarding Our Home: Everybody can be like Chi Po-lin.

Safeguarding the environment was Chi Po-Lin’s vocation. He dedicated his passion and life to documenting Taiwan’s beauty and sorrow, an endeavor that has awakened the public to take action and be persistent in environmental protection. Establishing the Chi Po-Lin Foundation marks the rebirth of Chi’s spirit and ideal. The Foundation shoulders Chi’s vocation of documenting Taiwan by promoting ecological education while supporting and nurturing a younger generation of environmental documentary image creators to carry Chi’s vision and perspective into the next generation, continue the seeding of environmental sustainability, and strive for environmental betterment.

Since its establishment five years ago, the Foundation has raced against time to realize the projects of “Digital Archive,” “Environmental Education,” “Chi Po-Lin Museum,” and “Finding the Next Chi Po-Lin.” Successively, these visionary projects have been realized. Moreover, upon the 10th anniversary of the release of Beyond Beauty – TAIWAN FROM ABOVE, the production of Beyond Beauty – TAIWAN FROM ABOVE III has been launched, along with a series of other events such as a touring photography exhibition and marathon events, hoping to re-awake people’s enthusiasm and their feeling of being moved.

“Seeing Taiwan. Safeguarding Our Home” is an unceasing effort that needs people’s recognition and support. The Chi Po-Lin Foundation sincerely hopes more friends can join us, sponsor our projects, and help Chi Po-Lin’s lifelong dream continue to expand and soar.

Let us safeguard Taiwan and use images to create the power of change!

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