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The City, The Flâneur

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The City, The Flâneur
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“What kind of a city we see depends on what kind of a home we envision.” —Chi Po-Lin

Time creates folds of history. Cities are built upon layers of geological history, constituting the most prominent process of the birth of a city. In cities, we have always looked for our ideal home in history, memory, culture, and even our longings. So, we look forward to the changes in cities, anticipating a more convenient and affluent life. We are surprised by symbols of cities that amaze us with the power of human creativity and culture. We feel safe and secure with the symbiosis of cities because when challenges present themselves, we all hope to fare into the future smoothly.


If we have all once been mesmerized by the magnificent coastal scenery, maybe we could all cherish the coast a little more so that we will not feel sorry for not trying harder when it is gone one day.

Only when we see problems can we possibly muster the power to change.

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