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Our Land, Our Stories 

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Our Land, Our Stories
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Each frame of precious image is taken from a rare aerial view that allows us to thoroughly observe the stunning landscape of Formosa from a different height.


It seems that only upon seeing beauty and regret juxtaposed will people begin to reflect. Bald mountains lose the ability to hold onto soil. When it rains, landslides inevitably cause disasters. Although our lives are intricately linked with rivers, the waste we create is still discharged into rivers, turning rivers into unnatural colors. The coastal beauty and oceanic magnificence always amaze us, but we continue building concrete embankments to enclose ourselves. Whether big cities or small settlements, only after disasters repeatedly happen do we realize that our home needs to be protected and make “sustainability” a contemporary consensus.


To see is the beginning of everything that ensues. Only when seeing the beauty and sorrow of Taiwan, can we start collectively mustering the power to change.  

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